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Probemas is one of the most iconic RuneScape Gold sites owned by the online gaming company Virtual Gaming Solutions. Probemas was established in 2014 and has been an avid member of the OSRS black market since then. Probemas currently has over 1,000 vouches on sythe and thousands of other vouches on related black market forums.



Probemas is a European based runescape gold (OSRS and RS3) and account (OSRS only) site that offers 24/7 service. With lots of experience under their belt (they have been operating since 2013), they ensure the safety of their customers' accounts by only using high level accounts for trades. Probemas has a variety of features that makes it from other gold sites. The sites offers a wide range of payment options along with the fact that they cover the payment processing fee (usually an extra 3-5% on top of your purchase) for every purchase. On top of this, if you are using a registered Probemas account you earn loyalty points with each purchase which can be spent on various rewards.

Gold Purchasing Experience

Probemas is terrific site for buying gold. First off, the gold conversation calculator integrated into the front page is very convenient compared to other gold sites which require you to get into the process of making a purchase before letting you calculate how much gold you would get for your money.

I purchased $10 worth of OSRS gold from Probemas and within a couple of minutes, one of their live chat workers was already directing me to a world and a location. I was honestly surprised with how fast their staff responds to and completes orders. Within 5 minutes of making the order, I had my gold. This purchase also netted me 10 loyalty points, points that can be redeemed for various things that I will cover in the next segment.

The only issue I had with the site is that it gave me an error when entering my payment info and I had to redo it a couple of times.

Gold purchasing 4.5/5

Loyalty Program

Probemas' loyalty program is pretty intuitive. When you buy gold, you receive loyalty points for every dollar you spend on top of the 20 points you earn from just making your account. When earn more points your account will be upgraded to higher loyalty tiers. Each tier comes with its own benefits, ranging from access to giveaways (with the base tier), member only sales, priority gold delivery on a busy day and even a free hoodie (with the highest tier).

On top of the tiers in the loyalty program, you can spend the points you have accumulated on various rewards. The rewards consist of randomized cases that contain items of different values ranging from 0.5mil (dark bow) to 35mil (Saradomin godsword) depending on the tier of case you redeem, with some cases having the potential to net you even higher value items.

Not a fan of loot boxes or other randomized rewards, Probemas also lets you redeem the loyalty points directly for gold.

In terms of my experience using the loyalty program, my $10 gold purchase earned me 10 loyalty points. This redeem the lowest value case which is the "Low-tier OSRS Case" (30 points) as I had already gotten other points from making the account. When redeemed the case I ended up getting the Dragon platelegs. Just like my experience with buying the gold earlier, a member of the staff was already guiding me to a world to pick up my item within minutes.

Additional Perks 5/5

Customer service

During the process of making this review I became curious on how well Probemas' customer service deals with customer issues. So, upon redeeming low value case using the loyalty points, I told the staff member I didn't have a members account thus couldn't join the members world needed for the trade to see how they would handle the problem. I asked them for gold instead and they were able to oblige. I was soon told to join a different world and was able to pick up the gold. Needless to say, I am satisfied with their customer service as other sites would have told the customer to come back once they are a member, which for a new or inexperienced runescape player would have been inconvenient.

Customer service 4.5/5

Overall rating

Probemas is an essential gold site to use for the average runescape player to use as their staff are quick to respond to any order, making purchasing gold convenient at any time. Their loyalty program with its various associated rewards and the fact that they cover payment processing fees really differentiate it from other run of the mill gold sites.


  • Fast 24/7 staff
  • Loyalty program
  • High level accounts used for trades (ensures customer safety)
  • Payment processing fees covered
  • Large variety of payments accepted

Gold purchasing 4.5/5
Additional Perks 5/5
Customer service 4.5/5

Overall rating 4.7/5

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